Tina M AdamsSr PayPal UX Enterprise Tooling Strategist | LION | UX/UI Mentor | Innovation Consultant
August 21,2020, Tina M was Eva's Mentor
Eva came to the course with a considerable amount of design skills and best practices. Being a professional Design practitioner, her deliverables were rock solid from a visual design perspective, and she melded her new UX learnings seamlessly. Eva is thoughtful, innovative, and always bases her decisions on her user research. Eva, already an excellent visual design professional quickly grew into an incredible UX practitioner, employing her new skillsets into creating an intuitive and highly usable project. She was dedicated, mindful always of the course schedule, and always user-focused in all of her design decisions. Eva is an exceptional UX/UI Designer and I can confidently recommend her as both a Stakeholder team member as well as a highly proactive individual contributor. Eva was a pleasure to work with, always took constructive criticism well, a very fast learner, and has an excellent and calm demeanor and attitude. She is a distinct asset to any company and team she is a part of, and an excellent overall Designer.

Reza SharifiGraphic & UI Designer
June 30, 2020, Reza reported directly to Eva
Eva is able to analyze UX/UI needs immediately and offered up creative insights that help better understand the task enhancing the user experience of the website

Sandra LauWriter | Content Marketing & Storytelling | M.A.
June 29, 2020, Eva worked with Sandra in the same group
Eva is everyone's good-luck charm! Not only is her personality able to brighten up any dark office, she is an extremely adept and professional UX designer, with a fantastic eye for shapes and colours, and a knack for edgy, impressive interaction designs. A kind spirit, Eva is always ready to lend a helping hand and quickly jumps to solve complex problems. She is very passionate and knowledgeable about design, and it shows.

Amber LongPublic Relations and Communications Manager at CAST Group of Companies Inc.
June 24, 2020, Eva worked with Amber in the same group
Eva... What can I say about Eva? Eva is one of the sweetest secret weapons any company can have. Under her timid exterior is a mind of fire, full of innovative ideas and brilliance when it comes to all things computers and UX. I can't understand half the things she does and she continues to amaze me with her personal projects in her spare time, like making apps or programs - for fun. This is just one example of a person who lives and breathes their passion for technology and it is a pleasure to work with her day by day.

Adam WongSenior Software Developer at Bloomberg LP
March 29, 2017, Adam worked with Eva in different groups
Eva is a very talented professional with a deep skill set. Whether it is within her comfort zone of marketing, user experience and front-end web development or not, she will go to great lengths to ensure that her vision is realized and tasks are completed promptly to a high degree.

I am confident that Eva will strive in any technical environment that she is placed.